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Pathways to Enhancing Your Team Approach

Join Dr. Brian Van Brunt as he hosts a free monthly conversation related to the development of collaborative, multi-disciplinary teams such as behavioral intervention teams (BITs) or CARE teams. This approach to violence prevention and intervention is a best practice identified by leading researchers, the FBI, Homeland Security, the Secret Service, and the National Threat Assessment Center. Brian will be joined by different guests each month to discuss topics related to the ideal composition of a team, information sharing guidelines, the importance of having a training schedule, compliance with national team standards, how to conduct a self-audit, creating consistent documentation, culturally competent interventions, and addressing specific populations.

These free one-hour sessions will generally involve 30-40 minutes of instruction followed by conversation on the topic. If you would like a certificate of attendance, please email

DarkFoxDen Free Training Series

And don't miss Dr. Brian Van Brunt's other free webinar series, DarkFoxDen, where he hosts a monthly conversation related to  threat and violence risk assessment in K-12, college, and workplace cases. Brian will be joined by different guests each month to discuss topics related to risk and protective factors, interviewing techniques, deception detection, impression management, social media threat, incels, white supremacy, gatekeeping/triage, behavioral intervention teams, cultural competency, report writing, and case management.

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BIT and Conduct 

January 24, 2023 1:00 PM ET

Understanding the interplay between student conduct/discipline and collaborative BIT/CARE teams is often a source of confusion and questioning within BIT/CARE trainings. Learn from Drs. Chris Taylor, Amy Murphy and Brian Van Brunt how to balance the way the conduct and discipline office works in tandem with a collaborative team. Join the conversation with your questions about particularly challenging cases and put out panel of experts to the test.

Previous Events

In the interest of privacy, the recordings do not include the open discussion portion of the event.


The free Pathways series is posted also posted to our YouTube channel. Subscribe to see them as soon as they are released!

Addressing the Suicidal Individual

January 25, 2023 | Dr. Brian Van Brunt, David Denino, Robert Scholz, Nina Delgadillo, and Lisa Pescara-Kovach share with you their expertise related to the assessment and treatment of suicidal individuals in the K-12, workplace, and college settings. Whether you are an experienced clinical staff member looking to see what the latest research tells us or a new team member looking for some basics when it comes to identifying and working with suicidal students and employees, this training is for you! 

Download the program slides

Developing a Training Schedule for Your Team

February 8, 2023 | We default to our level of training. When a team is not training regularly, they will be less prepared when working through difficult cases or managing a high volume of cases. Dr. Brian Van Brunt and Nina Delgadillo share with you their insights related to training in law enforcement and within student affairs. Receive access to D-Prep’s new training planner that allows the creation of customized training schedule for your K-12, workplace, law enforcement, or college/university team. Start your year off right by setting your training goals to ensure your team is ready and reduce your legal risk.

Training Schedule for BIT/CARE Teams

Creating Team Success and Accepting Failure

March 22, 2023 | Nina Delgadillo and David Denino join Dr. Brian Van Brunt to discuss enhancing the multi-disciplinary team approach and overcoming an unhealthy organizational system. They explore the reasons behind team success and investigation failure. The discussion covers groupthink in teams, watershed moments, and finding a pathway to improvement in the future. Follow Nina and David down the rabbit hole of system failures and learn ways to avoid making similar mistakes with your own teams in the future.

Discussing a CASE

April 26, 2023 | Dr. Amy Murphy and Dr. Brian Van Brunt walk you through a new CASE process approach that ensures consistency in our conversations, increases our time efficiency, and helps mitigate legal risk by ensuring quality documentation and consistency across different cases. Having run teams at large institutions, Dr. Murphy shares with you her experience listening to CASE presentations and offers a solution to accomplish this task in a better way.

The CASE process

Marketing Your Team

May 10, 2023 | Telling other people in your community about the team helps create a marketing and advertising buzz that improves the chances they will share critical information with the team. A BIT/CARE model only works when members of the community feel comfortable sharing information forward with the team. This includes having a successful reporting form that provides an easy and straight-forward way to share information in a timely manner. Dr. Brian Van Brunt, Jennifer Adams and Nina Delgadillo discuss successful marketing strategies.

Accommodations and Students with Disabilities

June 21, 2023 | Dr. Brian Van Brunt is joined by Jeanne Clifton and Dr. Poppy Fitch to discuss some common challenges students with disabilities experience when seeking accommodations in K-12 schools, in college/university settings, and during the transition from K-12 to post-secondary. Collaborative BIT/CARE teams can be an effective aid in connecting students who need services and support to fully access and participate in the educational setting. The presenters share their personal and professional experiences serving students with a range of disabilities to better access to the tools they need to be successful in the classroom.

Information Sharing: FERPA, HIPAA, and State Confidentiality 

July 26, 2023 | When are we permitted to share information outside the collaborative team model? Are there some things our counseling staff can’t share with the team? What about non-clinical counselors? Dr. Brian Van Brunt discusses what can and can’t be shared outside the team. While knowing the rules of the law are important, knowing the exceptions can prove even more useful.


Running a Self-Audit on Your Team

August 9, 2023 | Using D-Prep’s soon-to-be released BIT/CARE standards and audit document, learn why it is important to have standards and assess how your team is rising to meet these standards. Drs. Brian Van Brunt and Amy Murphy discuss the opportunities found within a review of your team’s functionality and, most importantly, how to adopt a continuous improvement model. Learn how to use D-Prep’s new self-audit approach and how to develop a plan based on the audit results.

A woman sitting at her laptop with hands reaching in all around her with tasks

Helping the Helpers: Addressing Burnout and Stress on the Team

September 13, 2023 | Anyone who has served on a collaborative team that manages at-risk behavior has likely experienced increased stress and potential burnout when working a high volume of cases or a particularly challenging scenario that hits home. Karen Humphrey Sullins and David Denino share from their experience working with these teams and providers who experience compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout. Learn ways to get out in front of these problems and how to respond to team members who are struggling.

Documenting a Case

October 18, 2023 | Poor documentation is a dangerous risk for teams. As the adage goes, “if you didn’t write it down, it didn’t happen.” Dr. Brian Van Brunt and Robert Scholz share some ways to improve your team’s documentation by setting clear expectations for notes by leaning into your existing knowledge base and using expertise in documentation from the law enforcement, counseling, conduct, and health fields. Find the right spot between writing too much or too little and offering too many details or too few as we share case examples of common dos and don’ts.

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A diverse team working at a table

What Does an Interdisciplinary Team Look Like?

November 8, 2023 | What should our team membership look like? How does this change when looking at K-12, college, and workplace team models? What size group should we have? Should each member have a backup person? How often should we meet? Dr. Brian Van Brunt, Jacques Whitfield and Dr. Chris Taylor provide you with research informed answers to all these questions as they talk about best practices and engage in a discussion of common challenges faced by teams and how best to overcome them.

Who Should Be on the Team?

Building Culturally Competent Interventions

December 6, 2023 | What are culturally competent interventions and why are they important for team members to understand? Join Jacques Whitfield and Drs. Tammy Hodo and Brian Van Brunt as they share from their personal experiences accessing services and join the discussion around how we can offer support and care on a collaborative team from a culturally competent approach. Learn about your emotional intelligence and why this phrase is important for all of those in working as part of a collaborative team approach.

A diverse group working around a table
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